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Dear Mr. Ward,

When a couple gets married in Mexico, are they automatically subject to community property, or do they have choices under your civil law? I am a lawyer in Ohio  with a US-citizen client who will be marrying a Mexican citizen in Mexico City soon.

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Dear Michael,

A legal marriage in Mexico is a civil marriage before the "juez" or "encargado" of the local Registro Civil. The couple may choose one of two property regimens: 1) Bienes Mancomunados or 2) Bienes Separados. The first, which is the most common, says that all property accumulated will be community property. The second option states that all property will be kept separate.

Prenuptial agreements are also an option but one must be careful to comply with the formalities.

Hope this helps...

Lic. John Lee Ward
Córdoba, Veracruz

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