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my mother passed a year ago oaned three homes. two in california and one in baja calif. there was a family trust and last will and testament. two homes and some assets been liquidated. and dispersed. trust closed. my brother who was successor trustee did not account for the home in mexico stating because it was in mexico it was ok not to include it and we would deal with the mexico home afterwards. the u.s trust closed in August. He asked me to send him $1200.00 since he said he and my sister had been paying in maintenance costs since my mom died. i asked for copies of receipts. showing they paid and he said he didnt have any. i told him i had no interezt in owning that home and requested a buyout. i would rather sell my share and invest the money. to secure a future for me and my two kids. its been over two months and he or my sister will return my calls. they have been shady throughout this process. i want to sign over or cash out my one third interest in the home. i believe they have moved forward with a notario in mexico and have assumed ownership without me, which is fine with me. however what should i do to be paid quickly as im currently out of work a.d in serious debt. i was the one who cared for my mom for the five yers prdceding her death and i was unable to work due to the nature of her illnesses.  they did absolutely nothing to help me with herneeds or appts with many doctors, but showed up like gang busters when she was near death. greed at its worst. please advise.  thank you!


Sorry to hear about your situation.  You should probably find someone in the area of Baja California where the property is located to get you a copy of the deed, it should include a copy of the trust and may perhaps list the beneficiaries as well as the bank so you can try to contact them to see if you were ever a beneficiary and if you were then you would have to sign off to transfer the property.  If they forged papers then you will need an attorney to go after them to try and get them to do what is right, I am too far south in the state of Jalisco to help.

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