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I lived in Mexico with my ex.  She had a 3 year old daughter when I met her.  We then had a daughter 3 years later.  She tricked me into signing the birth certificate of the three year old and is now living in the United States. She is trying to get me to be declared her childs bilogical father and saying since I signed the birth certificate by Mexican law I am the father.  Is this true?  Help I go to court on Friday.

Hi Tony,

You say you are going to court on Friday. Is that in the US or in Mexico?
What State in Mexico was the baby born?

To make a long story short, under Mexican law, with a DNA test, you can legally "un-recognize" the daughter. Exactly how you would do that depends the Civil Code (Código Civil) in the Mexican state where the child was born.

If you think it is necessary, I could draft a legal brief for you.

My cel phone from the States is: 011 52 1 271 125 2872

From Mexico, its simply 271 125 2872.



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