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I am mexican married with a canadian in Quebec in 2006 in property mancomunad, i am pregnant of 7 months,  i left the house the 8 february of this yeaar beacuse i suffered violence psycologique and he has another woman, and his family wanted to put a restriction to me in order i couldn't   left the country with the baby, his mom wanted the baby.
I did not have family there so i was for 3 weeks withs friend in that time my husband just communicated with me by email he wanted me to sign the documents to be the only owner of the house and he did not want to be responsible for the baby.

So i was afraid and i come back to Mexico, so i want the divorce the half of the house and property, the pension for the baby and the lost of his rigths over him coz he always rejected, it is important to say he has debts with the credits cards and i do not. Can i register the mariage here in MExico and ask the divorce and all i said from here, or i need go back to Canada??  i am afraid coz i am alone there and i do nto want to share the baby with him coz he is a violent man, inestable and never wanted the baby and my son will be born here i need to ask for a visa for him?? do i have to pay the half of his debts??. Please all the information that you consider important to tell me i will appreciate a lot.

i really need help, thanks you very much.


Sorry to hear about your situation.  In my opinion you may be better off divorcing in Canada.  International divorces are possible but tough and require translations and service via diplomatic means and international enforcement.  You can register the child as Mexican with a legalised copy of their birth certificate.  

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