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I was asked for advise from a Mexican national who was married in Mexico 10 years ago and while there his wife ran away with another men.  Then he came to the US and now would like to marry again.  He started the divorce but does not think it was ever finalized.  Is there a way he can finalize or start the divorce from the US?

Thank you

In my opinion, you need to know if the divorce is finalized in Mexico, there are two ways:
1) to get a certificate of marriage in order to see if theres any annotation of the divorce or a divorce certificate (it depends on the state he was married)
2) if he has a trial number, you can see the file and look if it ends or not.

If he needs to claim now for a new divorce, mexican law (article 156 mexico city civil procedure code) established that a mexican judge can review the case if the marriage domicile is in mexico.

I don't know the US law, and if it possible for him to start the trial there; if he begin it in mexico, i think they would ask him to be here for one hearing, and i don't know if he can make it.

If you need any other situation, i be glad to help.


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