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My father died when I was 13, I am know 37. And I have 2 brothers and a sister, my sister being the youngest and she is now 30. My father had a house in China Nuevo Leon MX, which I believe that we became heirs along with my mother once he died. My mother sold the house and now she is wanting us to sign some paper. These papers has all of our names; she says that the house is not ours, but it has all of our names on them. She has already collected the money for the house and non of us signed anything. Does she have the right to sell the house with out counting with us? And do we have to sign those papers that she wants us to?

The first thing you need to do its to have to have a copy of the property title to see which person owns it.

When your father died, the first thing is to see if he has a a will (testamento), to see who has the right to inherit the properyy, if he did not, the civil code says how does, regularly his wife and children.
Finally to know that you are being asked to sign, you also need a copy, but if they requiere your signature, in principle it is because some rights must be on the property, but must be confirmed with the information necessary and sufficient.

I hope this information is useful and i be glad to help again.


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