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Mexico/1998 honda shadow 750cc


QUESTION: I'm staying in Mexico for the winter time,3 months and I would Like to bring my motorcycle there and eventually legalize,I bought this motorcycle in Canada I belive imported from Japan.
I have a house there since the traffic is horrible I decide to bringing the bike what kind of problem I will encounter and what can be the cost for legalize the Biky.I with my wife drive to Mexico bringing the bike inside the Van. I anticipate my Thanks.Tony

ANSWER: Dear Tony:

Thanks for writing.

I believe whatever this link may offer you in terms of advise:

It is always best to contact the proper authorities and simply ASK same question instead of later on feeling .. sorry when it's too late.

You are not informing me where you come from exactly. SO, select the Mexican Embassy closest to your location

DITTO for your closest consulate

Instead of calling or emailing, report personally and inquire in person. Mexican diplomats believe it not work hard, make very few pesos. Facilitate their work in your own benefit.

My personal experience as a young man in the US with my own motorcycle is that it's a suicidal experience. Had a horrible accident that almost took my life in Los Angeles. The hot muffler burned part of my leg when my machine went to the ground in a gas station because of gasoline on the access ramp. Ended up in the hospital. Ever since I decided my life is more important than the thrill of high speed -especially in Mexico- where speed limits are in practical terms .. non existent.

One only lives once, you know?

Importing a vehicle -a car- into Mexico in itself is actually a complicated process. I am talking about my own experience. Have a 1994 Saturn. Getting parts for my car from the is not only a headache but also quite expensive, complicated.. I believe this may apply to your motorcycle too.

Mexico City is known world-wide for having one of the most dangerous conditions for traffic. I think it's a matter of perception. My idea is the US is even worse. Highway driving is so "safe" in the US it's .. boring. People fall asleep while they activate their cruise speed buttons. Seen this in the area of Vegas where drunk drivers are a complete menace.

Anyway, some ideas, thoughts that may be of use for the best decision: YOURS!

Have a safe trip.

Mario Gonzalez-Roman
P r e s i d e n t
Culture of Safe Travel, Crime and Loss Prevention  

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QUESTION: I appreciate so much for your answers and most of all,your kindness and Suggestion.I'm living in Ontario Canada near Toronto,and are quite a few years that I'm driving to Guerre Mexico,I'm very much aware of the chaotic
Mexican traffic,much worst in Guerre,therefore to stay alive I must take all my precautionary measurement by not trusting anyone driving habit.Thanks to my driving experience from my mother land Italy,which is not far different
from Mexico.I have a person in Guerre that she got some information from Custom in Laredo,where they told her. that I have to pay $800 US for nationalize since the Motorcycle is made in japan,so at this point I'm wondering how far this is correct,Once again I appreciate so much for giving me the help and the opportunity to learn about it all.Tony

The only organization authorized to provide the right answer is the Mexican Government. As indicated in my first answer,

"Select the Mexican Embassy closest to your location

DITTO for your closest consulate

Best of luck!

Mario Gonzalez-Roman
P r e s i d e n t
Culture of Safe Travel, Crime and Loss Prevention  


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