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I am an assistant professor of Master in Computer Application Department of a private engineering college,India.I have completed Master in Information Technology (MTech in IT)from India in 2012. Now I am in Guadalajara, Mexico with husband's dependent visa. I do not have industrial experience in IT though I have more than 5 years experiences in teaching in the area Computer science. I know c,c++,core java,DBMS,PL/SQL,UNIX shell script. Now my question is how I can get a IT related job or S/w engineering job or JAVA developer in Guadalajar,Mexico? I have applied for FM3 visa. Is FM3 visa enough to get the work permit?

Thanks for writing, Purbasha.

For visa matters in Guadalajara please refer to your local Immigration Office. All you need to know here:

Before you arrived in Mexico, the Mexican Foreign Office (SRE) in India should have been approached to ask this question.

In any case, this is the contact information in India that ought to have been consulted before arriving to Mexico

You are well qualified and would not doubt that soon you'll get a job. I am the Security Director in Solutions Abroad. Try this

Register online and inform readers you are looking for a job

Another method is trying the local American Chamber of Commerce

Find their offices, bring your CV and pay to register. They do have -to the best of my knowledge- a job-searching office

These are articles of your possible interest

Hope above information is of use. Best of luck!

Mario Gonzalez-Roman
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