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Mexico/renting for 6 months near chapala


I live in mesa, AZ, and I would like to get as much info as you can give me about renting near Chapala, maybe for 6 months or so. I speak the language so I am not looking to live in the center of the expat community. I need to know where I can find a casita where I can bring my two dogs, what type of visa do I need, what is the best way to get there. I am 71 years old and although in good health I don't want to be climbing up hills to get home. About 5 years ago I visited Mazamitla and I thought it was a beautiful place, not so great the trip to get there though. I'm not picky but I'm looking for a cooler place than the desert where I live, and rain!, we haven't had rain here in close to a year. Internet is important. Not much else. I would like to hear from you. Thanks a lot. Jo

Hi, Jo.

Thanks for writing. Below please find information that may be of assistance but as you correctly point it out, it is important you make your own assessment. The final decision is yours on what you intend to do. Mexico -just like the States- has many problems that have to do with governmental corruption, unemployment, poverty, etc. I am a retired employee of the United States Embassy in Mexico. The day I retired in August 2001 my position was Senior Adviser for Diplomatic Security Service, State Department. During my tenure received 4 Meritorious Honor Awards and the highest commendation by the U. S. Secret Service.

I am a Mexican national who worked for the US Government with prior permission by the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Later I also served the United Nations Security Coordination (UNSECOORD) -same responsibility, with operations' base in Guatemala City, Gua., CA but offices in Mexico City-

At the end of my message a link that will give a better idea about my professional past.    

Let's start by trying this link (copy and paste)


In what concerns to visa, what you can bring, etc. try your closest Mexican Consulate

Insidemex - Moving South

Insidemex - Including articles about Security (of mine) Online

Security Corner in Mexico - Safe Travel, Crime and Loss Prevention (select topics of your choice, preference)

Art Fair in Chapala, by Expats


"What is the best way to get there

I need to know where I can find a casita where I can bring my two dogs"


Marianne Carlson moved from California, USA to Chapala, Ajijic. I am sure she can tell you how to get there, if this is what you decide, what is the best possible route today.

Marianne founded Maestros del Arte

The author of above article is Judy Dykstra-Brown

Her profile

Try the author of above article, see if she can give you Marianne's email:

Both Judy and Marianne would be good sources of updated information about that area of Mexico. Because of the so-called "drug war" led by the US, things have dramatically changed in the State of Jalisco. Do not believe this has been of enough impact, consequence to the foreign community. As I said, try calling, emailing Judy and Marianne. More sources, below.

I am sure you'd have written to the American Consulate in Guadalajara if you only believed the State Department Travel Advisory

Contradicting above recommendations is this documented information by your own government (U. S. Commerce Department) and published by the Washington Post

In this section I warn Mexicans about visiting the United States among other reasons what is prompting you to leave your country (the climate):

Jo, did you serve in the armed forces? If so, try this

More about same organization HERE

Welcome to enter their blog and ask all questions that may come to mind

If you speak Spanish, a look at the latest in what concerns to public safety in Chapala area

Which does NOT compare to THIS

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

All-you-need-to-know about me HERE

PLEASE make sure you click on each document to appreciate at normal size


Mario González-Román
P r e s i d e n t
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