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Mexico/Driving back to US with expired license plate


Hello Mike,
we (German) live in Mexico since 2 years and moved from the US with a car permit attached to a FM3 visa.
Since then we have received a company car and do not need our personal car anymore, therefore we want to sell it.
We know we cannot sell it in Mexico and have to drive back across the border.
The question is if we can do it because the license plate expired since then and we dont have any option to renew it and will we have any problems trying to sell the car with an expired license plate.
Thank you very much for your help

Dear Mike.

Thanks for writing.

You must contact the proper authorities to get the right answer to your question. First, read all-you-need-to-know about the importation of cars into Mexico

Then, contact them, according to the problem you need to resolve

Best of luck!

Mario Gonzalez-Roman
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