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I will be relocating to Mexico.  Where is the best place for my 10 yr. old twins to go to school.  They are adhd and not as advanced and I can go anywhere in Mexico, but looking at Lake Chapala.  What public schools are there and how can I find a school that will accept them?

Hi Khristy,

The schools are different in Mexico than the US. I really recommend that you make a thorough information gathering trip to Lake Chapala and visit some schools. See if you can see classes while they are being conducted (you'll have to ask very nicely at the school administration office). I can't tell you which schools there are in the Lake Chapala area, but you can quickly find out by asking around.  I recommend that you visit both public and private schools because they are very different.  There is a lot of potential to set your children up with unique supports that work for them, but watch out for empty promises (or promises made with the best of intentions, but that may not be completed) made by people who would benefit from your tuition payments.  

This will be an exciting opportunity for you and your children, but not one to take lightly -- especially with children who require extra support in a school setting.  It will be drastically different.  

I wish you all the best experience possible in Mexico.

Kindest Regards, Julia C Taylor


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