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Hi Julia,
I am a teacher from Wisconsin currently living in San Miguel.  I have been teaching ESL in Mexico, but I really love it here and do not want to leave.  Do you know of any schools looking for ESL/EFL teachers?  I have lots of experience and a Master's in Education.  
I would appreciate any suggestions you might have in pursuing ESL tutoring or teaching.  I have some flyers and business cards I have been posting and distributing, but my efforts have  produced meager results.
Have a great day.

Hi Maria,

I'm not surprised you want to stay! Mexico is wonderful. I hope you can make your way.  I'm also not surprised your flyers haven't resulted in much.  I can't tell you specific schools in your area, but I did write some articles about looking for a teaching job in Mexico.  The ones of most interest to you will be parts 2 and 4:

Please excuse the weird characters in the text. They were created when I upgraded the data base for my web site.  The system replaced punctuation with crazy symbols and I haven't had time to go in and fix them.  You'll still be able to read the text fine.  

I hope they are of some use to you.

Regards, Julia


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