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Mexico/Punta Negra Grocery Shopping?


I saw a comment on another site where the couple stated there is a Ley Supermarket within walking distance of the Condominios Punta Negra development we will be staying at. They also stated a taxi ride back is available...I would suspect this is to assist in the transport of bought goods, not the walk necessarily.
Would you know if this is accurate? Thanks!

Punta Negra is a long, long way from Ley, here a map with Punta Negra marked
Ley Supermarket is 3 maps up.
So it's totally inaccurate information.
Closest shopping area is the south side of town, 2 maps up. Take the bus, 8 pesos, to the end of the line at Basilio Badillo and Constitución. From there you can walk to Farmacia Guadalajara, which has many staples, including fresh baked goods, or further up Lázaro Cárdenas to the Municipal Market, much more colourful, for all your fresh produce.
Also many OXXO stores around, which are like 7-11s


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