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I travel to Baja between 4-6 times a year.  I am also a registered sex offender in the US.  I always drive across the border and stay 3 or 4 day at the most.  I have been invited to go to Cancun with a group of friends and I know I'll be denied entry once I arrive there.  I am wondering if I drive to Tijuana and fly to Cancun from Tijuana will I still be denied entry?  I should have my FMM tourist card.
I'm waiting on a reply from both the US Embassy and Mexican Consulate.
Thank you for your help.

Dear Marc:

Thanks for writing. To the best of my knowledge, you will not be admitted in Mexico whether you enter via Tijuana or any other port of entry. The fact you are a registered sex offender, according to Mexican law you still have the potential to become a serious concern to the citizens' safety. You are doing the right thing. By contacting both the U. S. Embassy in Mexico City, the State Department will alert the FBI and other American law enforcement authorities of your possible travel for expatriation purposes. Also, the Mexican Consulate closest to your location will provide the best answer to your question.

I am not a lawyer and what is expressed above is my personal opinion.


Mario González-Román
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