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We are thinking of trying a month in Oaxaca in winter (December) to see how it feels to live there and perhaps study some spanish.  Do you think we will find enough to do there?  We enjoy cultural events and exploring the area.  How would we go about finding a small apartment to rent for 4-5 weeks?  Do you recommend any particular language school?  How much can we anticipate to pay for rent/food?  Thanks for all tips.

Yes of course you will find enough to do here.  We have been here as visitors and residents for 24 years and are still exploring the state.  If interested there is a vibrant expat community via the Oaxaca Lending Library, and for accommodations try the Oaxaca Lending Library website and newsletter (sign up for it).  However, most snowbirds by then will have taken the better lodgings. You can also look in one of the daily newspapers. Consider a cheap hotel for a week while looking for lodging rather than renting online blind.  We attended Becari language school.  Also with a good rep is Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca.  Rent is between 5000-9000 pesos a month roughly but you can spend more but likely not less.  It all depends on what you want. Food across the board is about half of what it costs in the US.


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