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My husband is a plastic surgeon in the us. We are looking at retiring in puerta vallarta. Would there be any opportunities for him and is it difficult to get a liscence in Mexico?

Sorry, it would be nearly impossible for your husband work legally as a surgeon here in Mexico. He would need to pass the Mexican boards and obviously be 100% bi-lingual. You are more than welcome to email me directly with further questions:  


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I have lived in Puerto Vallarta for 17 years, full time, originally from the United States. I have a lot of great information on the area, and surrounding areas that I enjoy sharing with people planning their vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Unique and interesting facts and hints on the area. As well, I am the Patient and International Services Coordinator at a hospital here in Vallarta so I am happy to assist with healthcare questions.


No great accomplishments, just that I have lived here, year round for many years!

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