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Mexico/bus service from mexico city to colola


eloi wrote at 2013-11-15 02:05:50
did you find out what the answer is?? im doing this next feb


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Linda Leonard


My husband and I have travelled extensively within mainland Mexico for over 15 years. We prefer quiet, locally owned accomodations over resorts. Once we retired, we spent 6 years RVing in Mexico during the winters, travelling along the coastlines and inland. We love the people, the climate and the culture, and we are still working hard at our Spanish. We now live in Zihuatanejo during the winters, and in Canada during the summers.


Due to our extensive travel and our many wonderful experiences, I have published a book so that others may share what we have experienced. You can learn about my book at

I was a teacher in Winnipeg for many years. I hold several degrees in music and in education, and was fortunate to have a wonderful career not only as a teacher, but also as a classical musician. I marvel at how very different my life is now.

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