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brasscupcakes wrote at 2008-10-04 15:49:18
re: glue traps -- to free mice from glue traps, it is extremely quick and much safer for human and mouse to simply take the mouse still on the trap to the place where you want to release him and spray the "stuck" part of the mouse with Pam or other nonstick cooking spray.

Because I work at home, stay up late, and can check glue traps frequently, I've actually used them as "humane traps" in cases where the mice are too smart for Havahart traps.

bugaboo wrote at 2008-12-30 03:03:20
We have a cabin next to a lake and every winter we get families of mice moving in.  This year we accidently left a half bottle of Wesson vegetable oil with no lid on it in the pantry (floor level where we have found mouse poop)... to our surprise we found 9 mice in the oil bottle when we went up there last weekend. Worth a try!

Mighty Mouse wrote at 2009-10-03 06:23:23
One thing you can do to safely get the mouse off of the glue trap is to use cooking oil. I use canola oil spray. It dissolves the glue, and with a little help with a stick or other object you can safely help to pull the mouse away from the glue....It works, I've done it several times :)

kiki wrote at 2009-11-01 16:54:02
This morning I found a mouse stuck to one of those sticky traps that my suitemate had put down yesterday. I am really against them, so I freaked out when I saw it. I looked online and found this answer, and the leave-in conditioner really worked. We took the mouse outside and sat there with q-tips and leave-in conditioner and freed the mouse. We took paper towels and stuck them to the rest of the trap, so the mouse wouldn't move and get stuck again, but the leave-in conditioner did the job and the little guys paws/tail wouldn't get stuck again. He is now running around in the park somewhere with a nice conditioned coat.

jon wrote at 2009-12-11 02:01:21
It works great with regular hair conditioner too! took about 5 min.

Thank you for the tip. I spent almost 3 hrs trying to do it with lemon juice, probably injured the mice too.

tajniwolf wrote at 2010-08-27 01:13:35
The cooking oil and Q-tip method works! Or, at least, it did for the blue-tailed skink my housemate just found upstairs. There wasn't even a whole lot of "mushing around" necessary.

I applied a good amount of oil onto the sticky area around the little guy and after a few minutes he worked himself free with relativley little help from me!

I'm sure it's more difficult for critters with fur, however.

Just be sure to cover the rest of the glue also or your critter WILL get stuck again!


NiceToMice wrote at 2010-10-17 23:03:06
A poor little mouse got into our house, and my wife freaked.  Her mother-in-law brought a little metal spring release enclosure trap, but that didn't attract it for two days.  Then she said to use one of these glue traps.  I would never use such a thing, but my wife was already crazy, and was driving everyone else crazy, so I did it for her (and us).

That night, I heard a gasp.  It was my wife, not the mouse; it got caught in the glue tray, trying to get at a Cheetos.

We proceeded to have a discussion about what to do.  My mother-in-law says that she just throws it, trap and all, in the garbage to die.  My wife was ready to comply, or even to just throw it out the window (!).  I said that it's going to die anyway, so the best thing to do would be to drown it.  It would only suffer for a few seconds, instead of a few days (I'm not that kind of dad that could cut off its head).  My daughters wanted me to try to get it out - "it's so cute!".  I said that you can't.

Then, I thought, I'll check on the Net - you can find anything there.  Searching "glue trap mice remove" brought me here.

That's the intro - now the removal story.  I decided to try the cooking oil method - sounded easier.  I took mouse with tray down to the basement, much to my wife's relief (she thought it could still escape).  It was only about two inches (5 cm) long, not including the tail (of course, my wife thought that it was twice as big).  It was scared almost to death, but eventually didn't move, resigned to whatever its fate would be.  It looked up at me, though, as if to say "somehow, I feel like you're trying to help me"...

I put it in a cardboard box high enough so that it couldn't jump out, and poured oil on it's feet, all of them stuck to the tray by now, including its tail, which got stuck first (can't figure that one out).  I also poured oil on the rest of the tray so it wouldn't get stuck again, as recommended here.

I thought that I'd have to carefully pry its feet off.  Nope, not at all - it was trying to get out so vigorously, that it pulled its feet out, one by one!  I accidentally poured oil all over it also, poor thing.

So, it was a free mouse - in a high box.  I closed it, and went to get it some water and more Cheetos, so it could recover from its ordeal, and I could show it to my kids in the morning.  I cut the bottom off of a plastic cup to make a little bowl for it, and then realized I could just put water in a bottle cap.  I gave it both.

When I came back, it was still there, oil all over the box, since it had been trying to get out.  There were also a few oil marks about a foot (30 cm) up the side of the box; I figured that that's how high it was able to jump to get out!

So there it is, in the closed box in the basement, waiting for a visit from my kids in the morning.  My wife thinks that it will eat its way out of the box.  I don't think so.  We'll see who's going to be right this time...

Thanks to the amazing Net, Experts, Natasha, and especially to the guest poster for the removal ideas.  These glue traps are terrible, but at least now I know how to free the mice - how nice!  

azra wrote at 2010-11-14 17:29:21
Thank you guys for your help!

We saved a little guy's life! All we needed is an oil an Q-tip that we put on glue board!


my_name wrote at 2011-10-17 21:57:44
Murphy's oil soap (wood floor cleaner) will remove the glue because of the oil in it.

Put the mouse over a tall trashcan that it can't jump from while still on the trap. I use a syringe to suck up some of the cleaner then can control where I drip it on the trap without getting bit. Then by the time I go to fill the syringe with water from the sink sometimes they are already free, if not I add that to the areas that they are still stuck to get it slimier and easier to release themselves. Viola, in a container and ready to send into the wild and not suffering any longer. The trap is not reusable once you apply oil so ditch it.

spngbob wrote at 2012-01-26 17:43:07
i just successfully freed a mouse from a glue trap by placing mouse and trap in a box. got a small container of vegetable oil(in a dressing cup from our cafeteria)and poured it all around his feet, belly, and some near face(his face was stuck too)once two feet were free i held the trap upside down over box until he plopped in the box. took him outside, down over a hill laid the box on the ground opened.  he bathed himself for a bit, peeked out the opening, then leisurely strolled out of the box into the bushes. crisis averted. suffering ended.

marissa wrote at 2015-09-13 03:04:30
I tried infusion 23 first...helped ok but then went ahead and sprayed cooking spray all over...he was off in a jiffy!!!!

marissa wrote at 2015-09-13 03:04:41
I tried infusion 23 first...helped ok but then went ahead and sprayed cooking spray all over...he was off in a jiffy!!!!


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