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Mice/Feeder mice as pets?


momo wrote at 2009-12-18 15:54:39
hey , I felt the same way as you do about the feeder mice needing to be rescued so i went ahead and i got one .. who i later named skweekers and he made an awsome pet i actually liked having him around so much i bought another one named pip .. the only thing you have to watch out for is the fact they escape very easily .. but if you keep your house somewhat clean they find there own way back to there cage... sometimes though unfortunatly .. they get too sneeky and get stuck places skweekers somehow got stuck in the lining of my hung up coat and the next winter i needed to use it i actually had to cut my sleeve in my coat open to get him out ... as i said very clever and sneak but yes ..  i would def. get another one they make amazing pets! .. p.s they will slurp ramen noodles with you!  

Desiree wrote at 2011-01-27 01:51:52
Feeder mice are great pets and fun to watch. They will bite but it doesn't really hurt and be careful they will poop or pee on you so you have to be okay with it. You also have to be okay with the sound the wheel makes at night because they're nocturnal. Well thats all I know! =D Have fun with your feeder mouse/mice!=)



SHERYL ROBB wrote at 2011-01-28 21:21:02
We feel the same way. My daughter was given a little white feeder mouse as a gift. I thought it was awful to want to keep a mouse in the house. Now I think they the cutest little things. We got her another one so it wouldn't be lonely. Now we just noticed, one is a

lot fatter than the other. We think it may be female and going to have babies. They were the same size for a while.

rockstar3m5 wrote at 2015-02-08 23:44:02
I have three mice, two fancy mice (males) and a feeder mouse (female). I'd suggest that a feeder mouse from a tank would be better than ones that already in with another creature.  There is a possibility of one having injury, but I highly doubt that they would be feeding diseased mice to other pets. Before I had my boys I had two female feeders, one sadly passed but I'm almost positive it was due to old age. To be honest, my feeder is more loving and caring than my fancy's are.  


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