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Hi Natasha my pet mouse the past month or so has had little white things that look like not even as big as grains of salt. Last night I got worried so I put one on my finger and it moved. *zigh* are these mites? She let me take all of them off- some moved some I think were skin flakes. I clean her cage regularly ad after spotting this I put comfy paper towels, a sock and fluff as bedding for the time being. How can I kill these things? She seems itchy over the past month but Other than that she is acting completely normal and feisty as usual. I feel so helpless. Any help you offer will e so appreciated thank you!!!

Dear Katie,

Mites are not easily visible to the human eye. But whatever parasites the mouse has, she must be treated.

The best thing to do is to get her to the vet for a treatment of Revolution. Or your vet might sell you a kitten supply of Revolution without a visit. You would apply one drop to the back of her neck - the skin, not the fur - and gently rub it in. This single application lasts for a month and kills anything that bites her. At the same time, wash everything of hers in hot water that you can. What can't be washed must either be thrown away or frozen for 48 hours.

Also look around the area and your house to see if you see these bugs anywhere else. They may not be mouse-specific. There are several other sugar-sized white bugs which can infest houses and animal supplies in general, such as flour mites, thrips, and springtails.

If you can't get her to the vet, and can't get ahold of Revolution, follow the instructions I wrote our for a mouse wonderfully named Nigellus Pamphilus Zoticus Mousington II:

if you have any more questions, please let me know. Best of luck and health to her!




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