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Mice/baby mouse penis still staying out


QUESTION: Hey there Natasha, and omg i love your video's before i say anything, I watch them allot aww little Stuart. any way, I'm zavi. before i ask the actual questions it is about my baby male mouse's penis. If you may not know the answer to this. Then please just reply saying you can't. So basically I bought a baby male mouse about 2 and a half weeks ago, He was 5 weeks of age when the lady i got him off. I did think it was a bit to young. But it's done now, and he was perfectly healthy eating drinking and very kind. I've been feeding him normal mouse food and a few soft food as he is still young. I fed him cheese, potatoes bit of yourget, grapes cornflakes. I normally give this to my other pet mice aswell and they do great with it. But yesterday i realized his actual inside penis was sticking out, i thought oh he must of just done something so I'm sure it will go away. But then again yesterday it was still there, and still is today. it's just like pinkish and just stays there, I'm a bit worried but as he is young coming into a age of wanting to have sex, is this causing it maybe? and how could i fix it, or will it go back in it's self?. There is nothing harmless in the cage still eating and drinking. And no other mice in the cage. If i missed something out you need to know, please let me know thanks :D

ANSWER: Dear Zavi,

Having never had this in my own mice, and figuring it can't be a lot different from rats, I put the question out to my 600+ rat friends on Facebook, some of whom are really experts and have a ton of experience. This is what they told me:

The most likely prossibility is that it will go back in on its own after a little while. You can do two things if you want to do something. Sometimes a mouse gets a penis plug, which is a little whitish blob (I do know this about mice). You would very carefully pull his penis out just a tiny bit to see if there is something you can remove... Harder on a mouse than a rat, so only do it if you feel very confident. The other is to put a tiny bit of antibiotic ointment on it, such as neosporin. I would probably do that but not the first, being too worried about hurting him.

One person did suggest laying off of the little blue pills...

Good luck to the little guy!



---Better answer-- if there is any redness or swelling, read this carefully:

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QUESTION: Hey there, and no unfortunately it hasn't gone back in but i haven't done anything to it yet? it still looks fine sticking out :/ But the penis is now is the wrong direction, it's not pointing forward, so when he walks it drags along the floor. And now it is staying that position. I have no clue what to do. any thing you could suggest :/ thanks Natasha! And yes i did look at the link thankyou. I'll have a go, but not looking like it will go back in :(

Hi Zavi,

Thanks so much for writing back. Do read the link. One thing to do is to very carefully try to pull it out to see if there is anything interfering with it. Then you would carefully put some oil on it, maybe olive oil. There is more information at the link. It is probably uncomfortable or even painful for him, so don't wait.

I hope it works out. Not sure if I still have the link to a vet in my profile, or if she quit, but that is also a good idea. In my experience she takes a few days to answer, but you have plenty of things to try before her answer arrives, so you should write her now.

Best of luck,




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