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Mice/Mouse losing hair


Our mouse is losing hair around her face and has three red spots no hair. Two on one side and one on the other.... The only thing we did was put her on the floor next to the heater to keep her warm where as she was up on table before....We gave her a bath lastnight and cleaned her cage. Not sure what to do next.....Thank you

Dear Holly,

There are several reasons for mice to lose fur or have red skin. The mouse should go to the vet. Usually I would say treating for mites can be a start before going to the vet, but in this case the most likely cause is not as clear. My worry is that it might be ringworm (which is a fungus, not a worm). The mouse can also give ringworm to you or other pets.

She needs to be seen by a competent vet. Call around and find someone who specializes in "pocket pets" or "exotics."

Let me know what happens.




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