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Hi Natasha,

I only got my baby last week. I chose her because she's extremely amazingly small. I think she might have a few inbreeding problems. One however I only noticed today.

Her bottom tooth has grown so large (and rapidly) it is just under her nose now. I don't know if this is because she's still so small and she will grow into it, or if it's a serious medical issue.

I'm trying not to take her to the vet as I fear any kind of sedation might kill her. (She's about 6 cm including the tail, and she is 8 weeks old)

I've read on-line that you can give them something hard to chew on. But I'm scared that it might be too late for that.

Can they survive with a particularly large bottom tooth?

Dear Jessica,

The vet will not sedate her. They will clip her tooth. They may show you how to do it in case it happens again, if you trust yourself. You will probably be able to do it with good nail clippers; ask the vet what you need

Afterwards, do make sure she always has something hard to chew on., The best I can think of is a walnut in its shell, or other nut with a hard shell (thinking.. Brazil nut maybe). You would make a hole in the nut, or crack it, first. The best would be to make a hole with a drill, big enough for her little nose to go in to the first taste, so she really has to chew.

I truly hope this is not a perpetual problem. It is true that it is possible, under sedation, to remove the root, but you are right, I really do not, not, not recommend that, even with a skilled vet.

Best of luck.




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