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Mice/Mouse died with liver problem (dark spot on side)


I can home from work to day to find my mouse had died. he was about 18 months old i noticed a bold patch on his left side around his leg and stomach i took him to the vet he said it was most probably mites but he briefly suggested their was something wrong with his liver i got treatment for mites (strong cleaner for his cage and some drops for him) and he seamed to get better, I loved my mouse and made sure i followed the vets orders. his bald patch grew slightly then stopped i no longer saw him scratching but the fur did not grow back. he did seam fine eating drinking and active but for the last few days he's been sluggish not eating as much when i handled him he just sat in my hand instead of wondering around up and down my arms. my room does get quite cold in the winter but i do have a heater.

when i found him he looked like he was sleeping when checking him i found a swelling covering half his left underside around the bald patch. and there was a dark blue patch on his side
all i really want to know is what killed him and i would be very grateful for any ideas you may have
thank you very much

ANSWER: Dear Abbie,

I am so sorry about your little mouse. The vet knows a lot more than I do (I am not a medical expert), and if the mouse had a dark patch on his side, the idea that it was an internal problem makes sense to me. What I don't know is whether the vet diagnosed the liver problem separately from the mites, or thought that the fur loss was from a liver condition.

It certainly isn't anything I could have helped with : ((. Poor little guy.

Squeaky condolences,


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Just to let you know a vet friend of mine looked at Franky and his notes in simple terms his liver failed which also cause internal bleeding which is why he had the swelling. even if i had taken him to the vet again there was nothing they could have done as Frank was quite old and the treatment would most likely of killed him while causing him unnecessary pain.

(BTW when the vet diagnosed Frank in the same appointment he said it was either mites or his liver. the vet also said because frank had lost fur he would be surprise if it was his liver so did not do anything to treat him unfortunately it was his liver and he died)

thank you for answer i much appreciated it :)

Dear Abbie,

Thanks a million for the update. It really helps me to help others.

I hate to ask you to take the trouble, but I would really appreciate knowing how the vet diagnosed the original liver ailment? I have no idea what the symptoms are. Maybe some other mouse will present those symptoms some day.

Thank you so much.




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