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A couple of weeks ago, we found a mouse upstairs. It looks kind of like a little hopping mouse. I was told to get rid of it, but I wanted to keep it so I got a plastic container and put down soft ground and lots of sticks for it to run over and around the container. There is oat biscuits and a big lid of water and a little burrow I made from more containers.

We're now moving house, and nobody else knows I have the mouse. I have to get rid of it but when we first found the mouse, it only had one eye. The eye that was missing had a little empty socket. Just recently after a week or two, the other eye had an infection I think and was a big black lump. And now it has just fallen out. He/She has no eyes, can I still release it into our huge backyard, will it be safe?

Dear Skye,

No. This mouse will not last at all outdoors. I am terribly sorry that I cannot give you a good solution. How about going to mom or dad crying your eyes out and saying you just found mousie again? Oh jeez, crying your eyes out, that was an unintentional horrible pun.

Where are you? Maybe I could find someone in your area who would want to rescue a mouse (though unlikely). You can call vets and shelters in the area too. Maybe there just happens to be someone who loves mice.

I do hope you find a solution to save the mouse's life.




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