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Mice/Eye Infection in Baby Mouse


I have six baby mice with no mother (she escaped the cage and hasn't been seen since.)
Everyone appears to be in good health except for the runt, Peanut. Yesterday I noticed her right eye wasn't opened as wide as her left but figured she irritated it from digging under the bedding. This morning I got her out to check on her, and the eye was completely closed. I took a cloth moistened sith warm water and very gently wiped her little eye. I guess it hurt because she began to attack the cloth, but quickly settled down as her eye came open again. What else do I need to do for her? Does she need to go to a vet? She tuns around and plays just fine with her brothers and sisters and is eating and drinking well. She showns no other signs of being sick.

She's 18 days old today, eyes opened at 14 days.
Thanks in advanced!

Dear Rabbit,

I wouldn't worry a bit. You were right, she probably either got something in her eye, or got a sibling's claw in her eye. As long as there is no redness and it doesn't seem to cause her pain, don't worry.

If it happens again, do the same thing. Was the cloth a little rough maybe? A Q tip works well. You would soak the eye with saline a couple of times and see if it opened without rubbing. If it happens several times, though, it is time to wonder about a problem.

I must admit the idea of a two week old baby mouse attacking a cloth sounds pretty cute!

I am very surprised that the mother would not come back on her own. I would have expected her to come back for, if not to, her babies. Did you try setting a live trap next to the cage?

Have fun with the babies.  Sounds like you must have done a great job hand raising them, if they are so healthy.

Squeaks n giggles,



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