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Mice/Mouse with puffy eyes, scabs, scratching.


Hi my mouse skittles is bout 1 year old and I've been using sawdust for his bedding and not using specific mouse food.
The other day I picked him up to clean his cadge out and I realized he had quite saw puffy eyes and it looked like he had little cuts round the edge of his eyes as if he had been itching them I cleaned him out and he's eyes don't have the cuts anymore but their still puffy and sore, my friend said it might be the sawdust so I've got rid of it and put just soft bedding in but when I picked him up again I realized on his back that it looks likes been itching it and he has a little cut too. I'm a worried about him its quite expensive to go the vet's do you have any ideas if I'm doing anything right or if I should do something else?

Thankyou Eliza

Dear Eliza,

A trip to the vet is, of course, your best bet. I understand that that is not always possible.

The usual culprit in scratching and scabs is a case of mites. It is not the only reason- which is a good reason to go to the vet. Especially in your case, since swollen eyes aren't a typical symptom. But it is a good place to start.

If the vet found mites, they would most probably give him a drop of Revolution, which just goes on the back of his neck, nice and easy; and stays in his blood, killing ectoparasites, for a month. Very easy.

If you can't get to the vet, you may still be able to use Revolution. Although it is prescription only, you may find a vet who will let you have a kitten dose without prescription; or you may be able to get a vial from a cat or dog owner. All you have to do is put one drop on the back of his neck, gently rub it into the *skin* not the fur, and don't let him wash himself for ten minutes. Super easy.

If you can't get Revolution, treating for mites is less easy but still possible. You will need to get a flea and tick spray from the company 8 in 1 (there may be other sprays as well, but this is what my breeder does and I used to do too). The following post is from a time before I knew Revolution could be safely used on mites, so the only option I offered mouse owners was the spray:

Please read my instructions carefully. If you have more than one mouse, even in different cages, you must treat them too, and clean all cages as I describe. Another pointer I have learned since I wrote this: if you have anything you can't wash but don't want to throw away, such as wood, you can freeze it for two days to kill the mites.

If you treat and clean, and see no difference at all after five days, you need to get him to the vet.

I wish him the best of health and luck.




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