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Hi Natasha, again thank you for your answer and help with my mouse Pheonix.  I went to Petco and looked for Revolution for kittens as you had recommended, but all they had was "mitecide"for kittens and didn't know if it would be safe for my little boy Phoenix.  Thanks again for all your help.  His ear is red from scratching, obviously, and I'm still giving him the drops.  What should I do and where do I get Revolution as yo had suggested?


Dear Marianne,

You have to get Revolution from a vet. Many vets will give you the kitten size without a visit.

Otherwise do not use anything meant for other animals. If you need to go OTC, use the 8 in 1 flea and Rick spray for rodents. I do not have your post in front of me -- Did I give you instructions for that? Revolution is a hundredfold easier on the mouse, works better, and does not run the risk of a painful skin reaction that the spray does. Let me know.

I hope Phoenix is mite free and itch free as soon as possible.




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