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Mice/Ranger: from feeder mouse to pet.


We bought a little white mouse when in snake food language, is a hopper. He's been living with us for a few months, and we feed him rabbit food. We're not sure if that's good for him, though. He eats the food and it has the grains and fresh products like seeds and stuff like that. He has a heating pad that he shares with my hermit crab. I think he likes it. He is really cool and active, so I want to make sure he's healthy too.

Dear Candy,

I'm glad you saved little Ranger. He needs to eat mouse food from your pet store. There are foods and mixes formulated for rats and mice. There are chunks/blocks/pellets, which are boring but nutritionally complete; and seed mixes, which are delicious and fun but they can pick and choose. If you feed the boring food, you should offer fresh vegetables or other nutritional treats. If you use a mix, don't change it every day, because when they start with the yummiest things (sunflower seeds) they should later need to eat some of what they like least (the pellets). I use seeds.

He needs soft bedding, a house or place to tunnel, a water bottle, and extremely importantly, a wheel. Not the smallest size because they are bad for his back. The other most important thing is that when you finish each roll of toilet paper, he should get the empty rolls. Mice love those little tunnels.

Watch him to make sure his fur is always glossy and neat, his posture for the first year plus is smooth, his face is clear of poryphorin, which is the red tears and mucus that mice have, and he keeps pretty active and doesn't just sit around hunched over. And no noise. Mice who chatter, chirp, click, or talk in any way, are sick, no matter how cute it sounds.

Have fun with little Ranger!

Oh-- there is an addy in my profile for a YouTube video I made called My First Mouse. That will give you a better sense.

Squeaks n giggles



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