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Hi Natasha,

You helped me yesterday with my mouse with the constipation problem. Today she seems a bit sicker. While she did go to the bathroom a bit more this morning she did not tonight. She also appears to be a bit thinner than she once was (I don't know why I didn't notice this yesterday). Although she did spin on the wheel a but when we took her out we noticed she was breathing a little more heavily than usual (I think it's breathing because it's when you see her chest move up and down).

I am more worried because she just seems off... I am sorry for contacting you again but I am just worried and wondering if I should treat her with tetracycline. Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Stephanie,

Poor little thing, I'm sorry she is unwell. I am afraid that this is the point where I need to hand you off to a vet, because I really cannot evaluate her, nor am I a vet to have the knowledge to do it right. Here is the reasoning I can give you:

I don't know of any specific bacterial infection that would cause intestinal problems in a mouse.  It is really hard for me to know if an antibiotic would do any good-- she doesn't have typical symptoms that I have seen many times before.

It may be that she is unwell, which affects her eating habits, which affects her pooping, in which case the pooping issues would be irrelevant.

However, tetracycline is not harmful to healthy mice. If you really want to try that, it shouldn't hurt-- but I do not think it will help. Do not do the initial heavy dose (I assume you have been reading my posts and have seen the method).

What I think of that worries me, is something going physiologically wrong with her, such as a tumor or other form of cancer. That isn't necessarily the case; but it is a possibility.

If she continues to seem ill or get worse, see if you can get her to a vet. She may be suffering.

Let me know what happens.  I wish her the best of luck and health.




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