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Mice/Vibrating Mouse doesn't like being picked up by tail


I've read a few of your posts, and I'm not entirely sure if this fits my fancy mouse, Pumpkin.
He seems to be active, he eats and drinks normally, however he vibrates.  He can run around without issue.  But, he enjoys sitting on top of his water bottle and vibrates, or sometimes he vibrates in my hand or on my shoulder. I believed him to be "purring", until I saw him doing it on top of his bottle. He's always warm to the touch, however his paws can be a bit cool at times, though this is usually after he's been sitting on top of the water bottle (I make sure to change the water with cold water every few hours).

The only other odd thing I've noticed about Pumpkin, is since I bought him (on Halloween) he won't let me pick him up by the base of his tail.  The one time I did, he squeaked, and seemed scared.  He is perfectly willing to walk onto your hand, and let you bring him out of the cage.

And just recently, he started moving the bedding from the cage into one corner.  Its not the same bedding they used in the store, they had aspen chips, I'm using recycled paper... Does he not like it? I planned on purchasing a different kind once this bag is out.

Should I be worried about him, or is he okay?  I've never had a mouse before, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

Dear Faela,

Sounds like Pumpkin is doing great. Apparently he is even happy sitting on his water bottle. He must have a good life. No problem there.

Picking up a mouse by the tail is the absolute last resort. They certainly don't like it. If he will walk on your hand, that is perfect. Even a mouse that you have to capture with your two hands should not be picked up by the (base of) tail. You owe Pumpkin an apology ! : )

He might not like the bedding. That's OK. You can still use it up, but give him something else as well, like some cloth or shredded paper (no ink). Shredded newspaper is fine too as long as the ink is vegetable based, which many are- but you might like to find out. Paper towels are fine too. Just make sure he has nesting material that he likes, so he isn't on the cage floor.

Pumpkin is doing great. Interestingly, Pumpkin is by far the most common name for a mouse! The next in line is Oreo, for the black and white ones : )

Welcome to the wonderful world of mice!

Squeaks n giggles,



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