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Mice/Fuzzy being Weaned


My fuzzy just opened it's eyes the other day and I started to wean it. It seemed to like ground up cheerios with formula pretty fast. Though should I still be hand feeding it? It looks like it can eat on it's own but still been hand feeding it a bit.
Also do I still need to use the hot water bottles at this stage? It appears that he can keep his own heat, but I still refill the hot bottles every few hours just in case.
I am not sure what to do at this stage now, I am not sure if he is a hopper since he is not jumping around. He likes a sleep a lot and stay in, though he appears to be healthy, eating right, and pooping.
Also I am not sure if he quite bonded with me, since he doesn't always climb into my hands so I usually have to pick him up. I haven't put him a larger cage yet, since I don't want him to get lost.

Hi Ana,

If it just opened its eyes it is about 14 days old. I suggest continuing to hand feed for another three days, then as long as it is getting both liquid and solids in it, you can wean it off of the formula.

It may not be a hopper today-- just wait for two days. It takes a day or so for it to sink in that there is a whole huge scary world out here in the world of sight. You might see some real hopping. But if it is pretty tame now- I don't know how long you have had it- it will only be a few days before it gets cuddly again.

Keep it warm for the same 2-3 days now, then let it take care of itself, in a little warm bed.

Again, I do not know how long you have had it (I apologize if you already wrote-- I get dozens of orphan mouse questions monthly) but each mouse does have its own personality. I don't even train my gals to climb into my hand unless I am using a cage which is hard to reach into. You'll figure out your own rhythm.

Best of luck. Hand raised pups make very sweet pets.

Squeaks n giggles,



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