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I have four pet mice, Molly, Lily, Honey, and Pip, all females. I bought them all from Petco. Molly, Lily and Honey came from the same tank and i bought Honey first, a week later, Molly, and then a week after that i got Lily. The three lived in the same tank for several months until i got my newest baby Pip. When i got her i put her in with the three, which was the worst idea. Molly or maybe the one of the others had beaten up on her, mutilating her tail, it later healed then fell off. I felt horrible, seeing her like that so i bought another tank and isolated her until she healed. She is all better and healed but i have another problem now. Molly had gone into heat or something making Lily (for sure Lily! shes become the biggest and dominate female) beat on her. I took Molly out and put her in with Pip, monitoring them making sure they didnt fight. They seem to be best of friends now. Molly recieved a wound on her neck, right above her shoulder blades. Its been weeks since the fight, and since then it become a huge cut streching from the end of her neck to the other. I try and keep neosporin on the wound everyday but its not healing because she keeps scratching at the area. so then i tried my best to cover the wound with guaze, didnt work since she wouldnt stop squarming and grapping the guaze with her nails. I hate seeing my babies hurt and i want to get her happy and cut free again. What is the best thing i can to do heal the wound the best?
The greatest thanks, Emily

ANSWER: Dear Emily,

You did right to separate the mice into two cages. Mice are not supposed to bite hard enough to cause bleeding.  Usually what you did is fine-- mice are supposed to respect a baby and not hurt it. One change for the future is to dab everyone's neck and rump with REAL vanilla flavoring. Not only does that make them all smell the same, mice like vanilla.

The best thing to put on a wound to heal it and make her not scratch is Blu-Kote. It is specifically intended not to be itchy.

Another option is to make a bandage to cover the wound. The front page of this site shows how to do so on a rat:

Note is also explains how to get it off!

Please let me know how it goes.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Molly and Pip
Molly and Pip  
QUESTION: Hey Natasha!
Thanks you so much for your information. I had no idea about using vanilla to introduce new mice or blu kote. I couldnt find any blu kote (which once i recieved your response i went out and looked for some) i then purchased R-7 anti sceptic spray. Its intended to heal wounds faster, keeps it cleaned, and soothes without burning. I do not spray it because i dont want to get it in her eyes, so i use a q tip and gently rub the area soaking the wound. I do this two to three times a day. She still seems to scratch, but not as much and the wound its already looking better! Its starting to scab and its already smaller. Me and my girls (expecally Molly) would like to thank you from the bottems of our hearts!
Emily and Molly <3

Hi Emily, hi Molly :)

I'm so glad to hear that. I will add R-7 antiseptic spray to my list of suggestions.

Thanks for the photo. What a cool wheel! I have never seen one with mesh in the back. Don't worry about Pip and Molly on the wheel. Molly wouldn't run if she wasn't having fun! (right, Molly?) And for Pip it is a carnival ride. You should see a cage with babies, where mom is running in the wheel, with five babies clinging on to the bars/mesh, hanging on and spinning! It doesn't do anyone any harm.

Have fun, little mice! And heal fast, little Molly!

Squeaks n giggles,



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