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Hi Natasha,

First I would just like to thank you for your advice a few years ago for my mouse 'Nia' who had flaking skin on her tail (you suggested olive oil) and she got a lot better and lived a happy life afterwards. :)

But this time I have a question about a mouse (Mai) who I got about a year and a few months ago. She had two sisters living with her who have recently both died of cancer, and she seemed to be coping well.. until a few days ago. She has started (what I'm assuming is) chronic scratching. Her hair is starting to go, and I can see the beginnings of bald patches on the back of her neck. I am wondering if I should get her a friend to distract from the scratching. But considering her age, although she is still fairly active and climbs up my arm and runs on the wheel etc, I can't help thinking that bringing in a young excitable new mouse might irritate or distress her.

I would love to hear your opinion.

Thanks in advance,

Bex :)

Dear Bex,

Mai has mites. Every mouse has a few mites, which don't cause a problem unless another factor comes into play-- for instance, stress from being alone, losing a friend, depression; or simply not having another mouse to groom her and get rid of them. So Mai was definitely in the danger zone, and now the mites are a problem.

Can you take Mai to the vet? That is the best thing. Other than diagnosing a problem other than mites-- which is possible-- the vet will also administer an easy anti parasitic. The one most vets use is Revolution. Your vet might not know that you can use it on mice; you can tell him someone with a lot of experience indicates that it is fine.

You can also avoid the vet bill by asking a vet to sell you a kitten dose of Revolution to apply at home. It is simple to use: just put one drop on the skin (not fur) on the back of Mai's neck (and any other mice you have in the house) and put her back in a sanitized cage, with all objects either thoroughly cleaned with boiling water or bleach and water; non washable objects should be thrown away or frozen for two days. This will keep her from having mites for one month. Amazing stuff!

If you can't get Revolution at all - try several vets; you don't have to say it is for a mouse- write back and I will help you out with an OTC solution which is far more stressful for the mouse.

And certainly get her two-three friends, little ones. She will be much happier.

Let me know!

Squeaks n giggles



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