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Hello again,

Thanks for the last answer. (I am the person who rescued a little lab mouse from the aviary.) I showed her to a vet, the vet said she is ok and her breathing is just a bit faster than other mice. She is now at home, and I got a brand-new cage for her.

She seemed to be comfortable being there, but now I sense another problem.

She eats and drinks and chews on the cage normally, often so that I can hear it even behind a closed window. But especially during the daytime, she seems to be almost always sleeping in her comfortable little bedchamber. I can sometimes hear her grooming herself or gnawing on little morsels of food inside, but I think that she is staying inside too long.

After a little bit of surfing the web, I guessed that she is simply quite lonely and I should get her a little roommate. Until I do acquire a new mouse, though, do you know how to make her a little more active? The local petshops do not have mice, so it will take at least a few days.

Dear Sylvia,

Mice are nocturnal. They are supposed to be active at night and sleep all day! : )

But indeed she does need a friend or two. It is best to have three females so when one dies, the others have each other. Lonely mice are more prone to illness, depression, and mites.

I am glad she is doing well. She is lucky you rescued her.

Squeaks n giggles,



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