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hi, I've been keeping and breeding mice for 3 years now, yesterday someone left the mouse breeding room door open and my cat ate my 2 favorite mice yogi and bonnie, bonnie was pregnant and he threw up her intestines and the babies in side her. i was so sad and it makes me upset seeing empty cages knowing there are so any mice going to be fed to snake or at shelters. i just adopted a few feeders but because of the cat incident i have an extra cage so i wanted to get a mouse from a breeder. i am pretty sure no matter how much i want some african pygmy dormice are illegal to get imported, if u know any breeders id like to know. if i can't get them i was wondering if u knew any breed beside fancy mice that are avaiible in us?

Dear Hadley,

I am terribly sorry about your loss. Those poor, terrified little mice. What a horrible, horrible, horrible death.

As long as you have a cat and can't protect the mice, I can't help you get more. It would be wrong of me to do so, and my job is to make mice happy and healthy.

I recommend the sort of pet that cats don't eat, until you can either move away from the cat or it from you. Another aquarium pet like one of those amazing pretty frilly lizards where the ruff stands out when they are aggressive.

Best of luck,



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