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I buy fancy mice as pets. I buy three at a time and they live about two years to almost three years. The first three died and I replaced them and now two of the three have died. My question is they all died the same way. At first on all 5 that died I noticed the right back leg froze and did not move anymore and they managed to get around on the other three legs. Then they started dragging themselves on the front two legs. They got flattened also on the right sides but still continued to eat and drink. I did not want to kill them but wondered if I should because I did not want them to be in pain. My question is why did they all die the same way? Is it some kind of stroke? Or is it old age? It just seems strange that it happened to all of them the same way after two to three years. I don't feel bad because I know I gave them a good life and treated them well. And everything passes in time. Just wanted to know if this happens to them all the time like with mine and is it best to let them live until they pass or to stop them because I would hate to see them suffer in pain.

Dear Edward,

It sounds like a genetic problem. You should definitely both tell the pet store what is happening, and find a breeder or a rescue or use a different pet store.

There is actually a rescue called St Nicholas Mouse Rescue in Florida

If you got them from different pet stores then you would want to explore what toxins you may have in your home environment.

It is not a normal way to die.

I am sorry. But over two years is a nice long life. When deciding when to put a pet to sleep, I ask the pet (in my heart) every morning: "Are you happy to be alive today?" And that day where she looks tired or in pain or can't take care of herself, is the day. But hopefully if you find a different pet store, your mice won't go through this.




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