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Mice/sick mouse won't drink medicated water


I came to the conclusion that my pet mouse Coco has a upper respiratory infection. She looks like she has had trouble breathing and sometimes it looks like shes choking and will thrust her head upward slightly. I got my hands on some powder tetracycline from the fish section of my pet store. I put about 1/4 a teaspoon inside their 4 oz bottle of water. (I have another mouse and figured that i should treat her as well just in case.) I also read that since they don't like the taste that it is a good idea to add a little salt/sugar to the water bottle. However neither of them seem to want to drink it at all. As for Coco, I followed instructions to firmly but gently hold her by the scruff and hand feed her some of the medication mixed with a little water. (Pasty consistency) She's pretty calm so she wasn't too squirmy but she is a tad upset with me. Anyways, I'm afraid neither of them will drink the water overnight and will become dehydrated. So I've given them some untreated water before I go to bed but I've taken it out now. Is there anything else I can do?

Dear Alison

Of course if you can you should go to the vet.

I have never had trouble with mice not drinking their water with tetracycline in it. I would not add salt or sugar. If anything, a tiny bit of real vanilla. But I have never seen or heard of a problem.

I recommending giving them the medicated water and done. ;) They will drink when they are thirsty.

Best of luck. Tetracycline works well for most mouse infections if caught early enough.




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