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Mice/6 week old peanut mouse?


QUESTION: Hi, ive currently got a 6 week old mouse pup called peanut, and as the name suggest he is indeed a peanut (he only weighs 9g). All the info i have on peanuts say that they never live past 4 weeks, and they should be humanely put down as soon as their peanutness becomes aparent but i just couldnt. Anyways i was wondering if uv ever heard of peanuts surviving? Hes such a sweet little boy id really like to know if hes got a shot.

ANSWER: Dear Kate,

In asking some breeders, I come up with this: Peanut is basically a term for a pup with something wrong with it that does not allow it to thrive past weaning. In other words, if it lives it isn't  a peanut.

Is it sickly? Are you sure it isn't in pain? Is it happy? Does it run and hop around with the rest? In other words, is size the only indicator here? If it isn't happy and healthy it must be euthanized. :(

Can you send me photos of it and the others? Do you have any infant photos?

So really there is no way of knowing how long it will live, but as long as it is not in pain and seems happy, there is no reason to put it down. And if it lives you can't call it a peanut. Make sense?



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QUESTION: I wouldnt call him sickly but he isnt as active as my other mice. When he was with his mum and sisters he would find a way out of his cage rather than play and explore with them. Not hard considering his size. No baby pics as he was a pinkie for nearly 3 weeks, but i can tell u that he looked exactly like the pics ive seen of other peanuts at that age severly under developed with visable veins on his head. i cant seem to insert the pic i have of him with his sisters, who are currently 21g(normal) and 17g(runt)g. But he basicly just looks like a pup just about to hit the popcorn stage.

Dear Kate,

Wow. You must certainly be right. There is no doubt that that is not just a runt.

Does he live alone? He doesn't have to. He isn't big or strong enough to mate.

What is he eating? How long did he nurse? If you can get him to drink some soy baby formula or Ensure it might help him put a little weight on.

If his health gets poorly at all, though, he should be put to sleep. We have no idea what things he might have wrong inside or might go wrong inside.

I wish him loads of luck and good health. Keep in touch and let me know how he does. What a special little guy! I hope he does well.




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