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Mice/Fancy mouse can it live with feeder mice?


QUESTION: I have a long hair fancy mouse, she is very friendly, but just recently became a loner. I got some brown female mice from the feeder bin and attempted to raise them as pets, but since my fancy mouse is now alone I want to introduce her to them. Would this be an issue? My fancy was bred for her long hair, while I don't know the gene pool of the feeders, so should I worry about any genetic defects or illnesses they could pass to my fancy? Thanks.

ANSWER: Dear Stan,

They can certainly be friends. Please do not mate them.


squeaks n giggles,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: They are all females so unless there was some miracle birth not sure they can mate :P however I am just concerned as the conditions of feeder mice are of poor quality if they will pass any defects or problems to her? Will they attack?

Dear Stan,

There isn't even necessarily a difference between them. The feeders may be less well bred, but it depends-- feeders from one store might be better than fancies from another. Actually, brown 'feeders' are just fancy mice born with a death sentence.

There is no reason to think that any of the mice have illnesses, though if one does carry something it is resistant to, it could be any one of them. Genetic defects are also, not transmissible. Like.. If someone else has six fingers on one hand, you can hold hands without worrying about your own ;)

Clean the cage thoroughly, dot REAL vanilla on their rumps and necks, and put them in together. There may be a lot of chasing and squeaking. It is ok as long as no one is bleeding, depressed, or blocked from nest, food, water, or wheel.

I am glad you want her to have a friend.

Squeaks n giggles,



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