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Mice/Update on Fern and Blue


Hi Natasha,
I took my mice to the vet last wednesday. Both of them had a pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection. Fern only had a slight a case and Blue had a moderate case. Fern is doing well now. She was on it for a little less then a week but Blue is still not doing that well so she is still on it, Baytril that is. I'm putting it on her head but she shakes a lot of it off. I'm scared she is not getting enough. They won't take treats so I can't mix it with them. I tried to put it in their mouths but i'm just stressing them out. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for all your help!

- Susan

Hi Susan,

First, Fern has to have another week of Baytril. Antibiotics are still fighting an illness even when symptoms are gone. Your doctor always tells you to finish the bottle, right? :) If you want her to stay well she must finish out her trial.

Second, with the tiny dose of Baytril, it is not going to work putting it on her, especially since she shakes it off of course.

The first  time I had to scruff a mouse to give her her meds I had a terrible time. It seemed every time I got a little better at scruffing and she got a little better at escaping. It was always a 10-20 minute battle. So that she wouldn't hate me, I would hold her a half hour before and after. I also always gave the meds in the same way, on the same towel, etc, so that she knew the stress came from the towel and situation and not from me. Ten days seemed a long time. But she survived quite a bad illness, lived a very long life including in a small world becoming a famous model ;) and we were very, very close.

That is supposed to make you feel better about scruffing the poor thing and getting that medicine in her.

Still can't? Then wipe it onto her whisker pads, both sides, with your fingertip, so she can't shake it off. But if it is at all possible the correct way, it is the most accurate way.

If she is still sick a few days after getting the  correct dose then the vet should add doxy or amoxicillin to the Baytril.

Best of luck to both :)




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