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Mice/Whute bump on tail after bite heals


QUESTION: when I brought my two mice home from the store one started to fight the other and was biting jacks tail(we took the biter back and swapped it)jack suffered two bite marks on his tail one healed fine but the other became a white lump on his tail I thought it was a way of healing (like a blister or something)but it hasn't gone away its been there for almost a month now what should I do, is it bad???

ANSWER: Hi Fran,

Could you pleases send me a photo?




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jacks tail
jacks tail  
QUESTION: Heres the best on I have sorry if its blurred his tail twitches when its touched

Dear Fran,

It is most likely just a scar. I asked a few people including a vet and they agreed.

If these two are living together without continuing to fight you are lucky. It probably means they are litter mates. If they do fight you need to separate them because one male will kill another.

squeaks n giggles,



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