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Hi Natisha,
The Revolution finally came three days ago. I put it on him but I think I put two drops on him he moved while I was giving it to him. The first day  he seemed kind of sluggish, didn't want to play on his porch, which is weird for the little guy.  2nd day I did top to bottom cleaning of his cage did away with some of the toys but replaced them with the bedroom and tv, he went in to see the stuff, didn't really explore much though, left him alone and went to peek in on him and he was kind of like hanging over his bed looking down, I thought he was dead. But he went to the door of his porch and just sat out there for awhile. He hasn't been on his outside wheel for sometime now, and I noticed he went up there and he didn't really run just a few steps, almost like he was seeing if it moved. He cleaned himself up there, which I hadn't seen him do. Today, everywhere on the pictures that I sent you he now has hair, and to me it looks like his ears are growing back if that is possible. He still seems sluggish and I marked his wheels (3) to see if he is running on any of them, he looks a little chunky.  Do you think my little guy will heal?

Dear Jackie,

I am afraid I do not know.

Keep him warm above all and get high calorie food into him such as infant soy formula, Ensure, avocado, butter, liquid peanut butter..

Revolution is quite safe for mice and rats , so it isn't that. He sounds like he needs antibiotics.

I don't remember his story; has he been on antibiotics?

Best wishes for his recovery,




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