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Mice/nachos tail red spots ?


nacho tail
nacho tail  
close up of tail
close up of tail  
QUESTION: Today ive attached photos of nachos tail, nacho also has the dragging for and there seems no movement in her tail. So close up nachos tail looks like little scratches. Tell me what you think. Kind Regards :)


Got it. I would still like to know what kind of wheel it is and am wondering if as she was getting weaker she was catching her tail in it??

Posting to a helpful group :)


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

her wheel
her wheel  
QUESTION: Thanks alot ill send you a photo of her wheel. :)

Hi Tania,

There are two likelihoods.

If the red spots appeared *after* the injury or stroke! it is likely that her tail tingles and she is biting it to try to figure it out.

If they were present beforehand then it is unrelated, and she may have ringworm.

Write back and tell me more. She doesn't have a friend does she?




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