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Mice/Scabs, hair loss, swollen foggy eye (mouse)



One of my female mice (about 4 years old) and she has recently developed hair loss all over her face and has scabs and wounds that look like bite marks all over her back close to her head. Her eyes have become foggy and one is foggier than the other and seems to be swelling (the eye itself not the skin around it)
She is skinnier than the other mice but has a healthy appetite when I take her out of the cage, I think maybe the 3 other females are not letting her eat. SHe doesnt seem to be in any pain and is still very affectionate and active. I can't afford to take her the vet but don't want her to suffer. I have flea and tick treatment for small animals but havent used it yet because of her open wounds.

Dear Sierra,

What you really need is Revolution. If you or someone you know has a dog or cat you might have tube left over. Or you might be able to talk a vet into letting you buy a kitten dose without a visit.


You would apply one med drop of the cat/kitten/puppy strength or  very small drop of the dog strength, to the skin and not fur somewhere near the back of her neck, depending on her wounds. Don't let her wash for ten minutes. Deep clean all of her bedding and cage, throwing away or freezing for two days anything not washable.

If you can't get that, go to a feed store and pick up some iver-on, a liquid parasiticide for cattle. Mix FIVE parts WATER to ONE part Iver-on. Cut off a piece of sponge and soak it in it. Apply to her fur in places with no wounds. Deep clean; and you have to repeat this whole process every week for three weeks.

For rats people use a horse ivermectin paste orally, but I do not yet know if that is safe for mice. If that were your only option you would give her a piece the size of a round pin head. Again, treat all mice, three times in three weeks, deep clean each time.

As for the eye I do not know. Eye problems are serious. Could you send a photo and a thorough description of its progression,that I can show to some people who might be able to help?

Best of luck.




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