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Hi Natasha,
I have two seperated small litters of fancy mice from two diffrent moms. Both litters are three weeks old and ive run into a slight problem....
One of the litters and the mothers have chewed through their cage. (Not my most brilliant idea to use plastic)
The Cage that the mother and two little one will be going into with the mother and her three is a twenty nine gallon long tank with two hides...
Would it be safe to combine the moms and babies?

Dear Kait,

There shouldn't be any problems other than the normal possible dominance skirmish among the two females. Those babies are old enough that their moms should not be feeling protective of them anymore. The best thing to do is to make sure the cage is nice and clean, any accessories don't smell like either mouse, and dab each mouse neck and rear with REAL vanilla so they all smell the same.

It might be a little chaotic, but keep an eye on the adults; the babies aren't going to do each other any damage. It is completely normal to have a lot of chasing and squeaking; the squeaking is not pain or fear, it is communication. If it is an adult chasing a baby, you may see the baby stop at a dead end, turn around, and stand up. It is offering its belly and neck to the adult, basically telling the adult "I'm only a baby! You could kill me! I throw myself upon your mercy!"

The only time there is a problem is if:

1. There is blood

2. Someone is being kept from the food, water, nest/s, or wheel

3. Someone is depressed, lethargic

4. The chasing and squeaking is truly nonstop.

A pity there aren't a dozen in the litters. That would be a popcorning sight!

squeaks n giggles,


PS you know you have to take the boys out in a week, right?


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