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Hello, I had three mice, one older and two that I bought last summer.  The oldest mouse died recently, leaving me with the two newer mice.  The newer females were very different -- one tiny and timid and the other very aggressive and energetic.  The timid mouse was sick off and on and she recently died.  We are thinking about phasing out of mouse it cruel to keep the strong, aggressive mouse alone in her cage?  Does she need a companion?  She is SO full of energy and continually tries to chew her way's a bit stressful for us as pet owners!  Should we try to find her a situation where she has a playmate or is it better to leave her alone since she is agressive and overly playful?  Thanks for your feedback!


Dear Sarah,

As you know, female mice usually ought to have friends. However, you are phasing out of mice; and she may be too aggressive to get along with the next mouse anyway. So, she is going to have to live alone.

This playful mouse needs a LOT of entertainment. She would definitely be best off in a crazy Habitrail setup, but of course you may not want to invest in one for your last mouse. You might find one on Craigslist or someone might have one in their attic from their long ago hamster

. I hope she is in a large cage. If it is a large tank, a bird playground would be a good start. I have this one, which costs $20;

It fits easily into a 30 gallon aquarium. My mice are in a four story converted multi bird cage, but again, this is your last mouse. Still, maybe you know someone with a small bird who you want to give it to!

Lots of climbing, lots of chewing. Other bird accessories might work well instead. There are various things which hang: bird ladders; etc. She wants to climb and chew. You can also build her things to play on or in, with Popsicle sticks (use Elmer's glue, glue sticks, or anything else nontoxic) or cardboard. You can hide treats for her in boxes with a few small holes so she can smell what's inside and have to work at it. Try drilling a couple of holes in a walnut or other nut shell so she has to chew to get at the nut meat. Another great thing to chew on is one of these dog bones that are like plastic but edible. Nylabone makes one; Quado makes another (I got the Quado from Dr Fosters & Smith). Make it so she has to stand on a shelf to chew on it. Of course lots of toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls-- make mazes out of them by making holes on the sides and attaching them.  

You can also give her time in the bathtub with a ton of toys. This might be where the bird playground comes in, unless she launches herself off of it. You can hang out and read a book if she is in danger of escape-- in which case you also want to cover holes in the walls by stuffing with newspaper, and put a towel under the door. If she likes to climb on you, sit in there with her (with your book if you like). You can make her all sorts of things to play on and in. Make them complicated. Be creative.

It would be good to give her as much person time as possible, though I do not know how tame Miss Energetic is. If she is tame, she needs love for an hour a day. On your body, in your hands, kissing her. If she is less tame, at least some time with your hand in the cage offering her treats and petting her as best you can.

If you can do a lot of the above, she should hopefully be a happy and busy mouse. That's all that matters.

Best of luck to you and her!

Squeaks n giggles,



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