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Mice/Hybrid mouse pics


Basil the Mouse
Basil the Mouse  

Avi the Mouse
Avi the Mouse  
The first one is of my sweetheart Basil.  I seriously love this little guy.  His sisters, though they don't bite, have to be held by the tail.  They are pretty jumpy still.  He is happy to just hang out.  I put the flash on, but in regular light he looks darker.  His underbelly is very light.  Some of the hybrids have a little white spot behind their ears.

This is his mom Avi.  My daughter picked her up from a feeder cage at the local Petland (without  We had her for about three months before she escaped.  She came back with singed off ears (she had been hiding under the radiator for about a week and then the heat came on.  Jasper brought her back burnt with a deep laceration in the face and rear end.  She was screaming so loud I heard it a room away.  I lathered her in neosporin and hoped for the best.  She then escaped again for another several weeks.  Jasper brought her back again, but this time she was huge.  Three days later, baby mice.

I am 100% sure the dad was a regular old house mouse.  We had been chasing him for a month between the stove and the bookshelf.  He was small, fast and lean.


Awesome pics!

In my opinion, you have second generations. It makes total sense. Avi  had at least one other litter, maybe soon after she escaped. So let's say she escaped day 1. Got pregnant immediately. Day 21, popped out the babies. Day 30 or later, baby boy mated with her. I can't imagine she was out that long without getting pregnant. She would definitely not have been hard for a wild boy to catch. And she also could have been pregnant before she escaped, if there was any way a wild mouse got in-- if she could get out, two of him could fit in next each other and get in!

To coloring and temperament it makes perfect sense. The timing works.

Would it be too much for me to *beg* for pics of the other babies? I have a bunch of mouse friends on Facebook who would be fascinated!

I will "refuse" the other question, so don't be insulted! They only let you attach two pics?

You can also send them to my email. Not sure if they allow emails here, but let's see:

Tough little mouse. Very cute :)  

squeaks n giggles,



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