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Mice/little ball for new mice


Hi Natasha

i should be getting mice in a couple of weeks now (soooo excited!) and i heard that mice sometimes like to have a little ball in their cage to push around and play with, i have a little rubber bouncy ball that i think would be just about mouse size but could the rubber of the bouncy ball be harmful to the mice and could it cause problems if the mice nibbled and even digested the rubber?
Thanks for answering my question and you have been very helpful with my previous questions.

From Verity :-)

Dear Verity,

I have never tried giving a mouse a ball, but I am doubtful they would use one. If you do decide to go this route, use plastic, definitely not chewable rubber. She mght mistake it for something she can swallow, whereas it is less likely that she would do so with plastic.

You are going to love your mice! You need at least three girls, so that when one dies, the others are sad but not alone. Sad and lonely mice are prone to depression, illness, and mites. Then you have time to replace mouse three. Always make the replacement as young as possible. Males live alone.

Watch the video that I have the addy for in my profile:  "My first mouse." I forgot to mention in it that you need more than one mouse! Someday I will do a better job,

Have fun!

Squeaks n Giggles,



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