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QUESTION: Natasha first of all I would like to thank you so much for your help, as in my earlier questions I told u that my female mouse had 7 litters out of which only 3 survived, however its more that 3 weeks and they have started moving on their own. I want know that when can I start weaning the litters and what is the best Vegetarian diet for them. Currently I give them green peas, lettuce, toasted bread and white processed cheese (occasionally), is this menu fine or I need to remove or add anything more to it. I also used to give them dry cornflakes and oat was that fine? After delivery my female mouse has become slim so should I give her something special?

ANSWER: Dear Karthik,

Mice need a complete and balanced diet to be the most healthy, especially tame mice. There are specific diets people have created after studying nutrition, that you can mix on your own, but really the best thing to do is buy them mouse food from the pet store. The seed kind is most interesting and yummy, though you must wait to refill their dish until it is pretty empty so they eat all of it, not just their favorite seeds. The blocks/pellets/kibble diets are boring, but balance their diet at every meal. If you use the boring diet, you can give them a little fruits and vegetables to spice up their life a bit.

I use the seeds.

The female should be fine. We know why she is slim : )).

Squeaks n giggles,


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QUESTION: Thanks Natasha I got your point, so should consider the food right that I am giving them right now(green peas, lettuce, toasted brown bread, white processed cheese) is good? Is there any fruit that I shouldn't give them?

ANSWER: Dear Karthik,

The answer is no; your diet for them is not at all adequate.

Any fruit is fine, but they will get diarrhea with too much. Vegetables are better.

They will really not be healthy without a store bought or at least researched and complex diet. If you really want to make one at home, let me know and I will find you a recipe (it is on The Fun Mouse site listed on my profile, if you want to find it yourself).

But unless you are willing to get and use the exact ingredients in the exact amounts, it is better-- and far simpler-- just to buy mouse food.

Or are you in an area where no mouse food is sold?



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QUESTION: Thanks Natasha. I live in New Delhi(West), India and the pet shops here don't sell mouse food neither they have enough knowledge about the subject. One of the pet shops even told me to give them dog biscuits and rabbit food, I was not sure about this whether he was correct or was just trying to sell me products. It would great if could tell me to prepare a complex diet at home and could you also provide me with your profile link where you have posted the info as told by you.

Hi Karthik,

OK, sorry about that. Here is a pretty simple diet you can use for mice.

You should add as many of the extra ingredients as possible, since this is not 100% ideal.

Enjoy your little mice!

Squeaks n giggles,


Anyone reading this who *can* get a mouse mix:  it is better to do so. This link explains why:

I know that is not applicable to you; but others read these posts and I don't want to encourage less than ideal mouse diets.  


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